Yoga for Teachers

Dana Chapman

What greater gift can we give our students than to be fully present with each experience?

As teachers, it's so easy to find ourselves being led by the demands of the day or the needs of our students. We care so much about doing a good job, and because of this we sometimes feel like we have to give all of ourselves, all of the time. It's good to be passionate about what we do. And yet, if we continue like this over time we risk depleting our resources and neglecting our health and well-being. That's where negative emotions can creep in to our days, such as resentment or feeling unappreciated, and we don't need to tell you that this doesn't help us or our students. It doesn't have to be like this. Staffroom Wellness is focused on giving you the resources you need to have a healthy, sustainable life as a teacher.

Introducing yoga for teachers

Yoga offers an opportunity to stay connected to our innate sense of calm and clarity, better able to manage our resources through the day. By focusing on what's happening in our bodies, we bring attention into the present moment and recover the sense of perspective and well-being that is actually available to us in every moment.

Yoga for teachers, by a teacher

This series of simple yoga routines is designed to integrate into the daily life of a busy teacher:
  • before school
  • during breaks
  • after school.
Dana Chapman of Bee Birch Yoga Therapy blends her yoga training with more than a decade of experience as a school teacher. Dana will guide you through four practical and accessible routines for various times of the day, which will give you the tools to reground and re-centre yourself. NOTE: As with all exercise or movement programs, please speak to your health care provider to determine that this program is right for you. Also, remember to honour the feedback your body gives you and stop if at any time you feel pain, strain or increased tension.

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