Christopher Lawley

Christopher Lawley is a transformational coach and convener who helps his clients realize the vision they have for their lives and organizations. Christopher is passionate about helping teachers unlock their fullest potential so they can live in alignment with their truest selves and highest values.

Christopher weaves together his diverse life experiences and keen questioning skills to hold space for deep transformation for his clients. From inner-city classroom teachers to equity-minded vice-principals, and from teachers seeking a community of practice to parent councils seeking more inclusivity, he helps get to the heart of the matter to co-create processes that create generative insights and change.

With over a decade and a half of designing engaging and inclusive processes for groups through his role as a teacher, workshop facilitator and non-profit project lead, Christopher convenes with intentionality and groundedness while still keeping things light, engaging and people-centred. His more than 10 years of training in meditation and mindfulness give him the capacity to hold space in a way that invites participants to dive deep into their own wisdom and experience. Through this process, Christopher helps his clients find meaningful, relevant and impactful insights and plans for their lives and organizations.

As a client, Christopher works with you to understand your personal goals and dreams. Through deep listening and skillful questions, he’ll work with you to get to the heart of what you are seeking and will work with you to ensure that goals are both ambitious in vision and realistic in scope.

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