We empower teachers to live healthier,
more balanced and fulfilling lives.

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Our Guiding Principles

  • Connector.


    It takes a community to support a teacher’s fullest expression of their potential. Connecting with others who truly ‘get’ us feeds us at a deep level. We begin to see how much support we actually have access to. The power of simply being with one another and feeling heard can be truly transformational.

  • Connector.


    Does the energy you have coming in equal the energy you are putting out? This may be the single biggest challenge facing teachers today. We’ll help you find a healthy balance of energy in/energy out in your life.

  • Connector.


    When we have the support and tools we need, we feel we can tackle anything. Our one-on-one coaching and group facilitation will empower you to leverage your strengths and address your challenges.

  • Connector.


    One ancient meaning of healing is “to make whole again.” You have everything you need for the journey to greater self-acceptance and a more integrated way of living. StaffRoom Wellness is committed to creating the spaces and supports to allow your path to unfold at its own pace.

What Teachers are Saying

“In a busy world we often forge ahead and forget to check in with our mental health. Your sessions have given me the support I need to keep my well-being a priority.”Carol M.

Middle School Teacher, Peel DSB

“StaffRoom Wellness provides clear and manageable strategies for creating balance and harmony throughout my time in the classroom, and beyond.”Sarah M.

High School Teacher, Toronto DSB

“This has been a great experience. These are conversations that I’m just not having anywhere else.”Participant

After-school Workshop Series